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I has zero tolerance for unsolicited or SPAM e-mails and phone calls from companies, individuals or citizens overseas or supposedly from within Australia.
Likewise, if you receive any communication supposedly from any of David's email addresses, and it is unwanted, unrequested or in any way suspicious -
please phone him on 0414 984 186.

Website Visits are Tracked
Visitors to all of David-Graham Parker's websites are tracked, and recorded.
No personally identifiable information is collected during this process. I use Statcounter.
Recorded information includes:

  • Time and date
  • Country, City and district where the visit originated
  • ISP and IP Address
  • Browser type and settings and SEO request information
  • OP (Microsoft, Apple, Android, Linux etc)
  • Where you came from to get to my site

Everyone knows that all internet and telecommuncation traffic is viewed, recorded and data-mined by and within the PRISM network of global security systems.
I have no problem with this as it keeps the World safe.
Not sure what I mean? Google it.

Surf the Internet in Safety
Always have an anti-virus program on your computer, ensuring it has the latest anti-virus updates.
Always have a 'fire-wall' program installed with the latest updates.
Above all, ALWAYS have the latest Operating System updates installed.

I live in Australia. Most of my websites are hosted on servers located on servers in the Asia Pacific region owned by the GoDaddy group of companies.
If you receive an e-mail from us and you feel it may have been sent in error, or you wish no further contact, please reply to the e-mail with REMOVE in the subject line. Feel free to telephone David on 0414 984 186 if you are ever concerned.

Terms and Conditions

  • All contracts are for periods of 12 calendar months with renewals being sent in the 11th month. If you cancel your hosting, or move to a different hosting company or third party, no refund will be given or offered without prior agreement plus you are responsible for any and all transfer fees.
  • Communications and instructions from you (the client) can be by phone, but will always be confirmed by e-mail.
  • Upon acceptance of a quote I require payment in full for the project.
  • I reserve the right to refuse service to any client, person or persons, business or entity.
  • I reserve the right to change or cancel or withdraw any or all standard, promotional or discount offers without notice.

Physical Address

I do not rent office space, working from home. I work for myself and come to you, my clients.

I live in Toowoomba, but have website clients all across Queensland.

I conduct training on computers, iPads, Android phones in the greater Toowooba region only, further afield by negotiation.

David Parker

Mobile: 0414 984 186

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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